Requests from Papua New Guinea and Nigeria

Hello Folks,
What a flurry these last few weeks have been, and since I am in Texas, it’s not the snowing kind. We have been blessed with packing our usual overseas requests that come in from places around the world, recently from Papua New Guinea and Nigeria and it is always a blessing to do so. However, God has opened doors locally for us to walk through as well.

A couple of weeks ago Community Life, that reaches out to mobile home communities across the west side of Houston and to other small cities west. It was a pleasure to find items of clothing and equipment that they could use for their Christmas parties and give gifts to those less fortunate in those communities. Gifts were from water bottles, t-shirts, skates, headsets, to blankets. We have always wanted to share what we have to love people 6 feet or miles away, the way we love people where they are 6,000 miles away. God has opened that door wide and we are excited to walk through them.

He Did It!  Let's Do It!  He Did It!  Let's Do It!  He Did It!  Let's Do It! 


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