HiS PRINT Needs Your Support

HiS PRINT’s home away from home in Sisak Croatia is right in the middle of the devastation caused by the 15+ Earthquakes that have shaken the area since the wee hours of Monday morning.
HiS HOUSE has not been damaged and and we are opening up its doors to house anyone who has lost their home to the damage. I am asking you to please pray.

Recently we have made improvements to HiS HOUSE that allows us to house over 30 people comfortably and more in our conference rooms, if needed. We want to help those who are without and need a place to call home while they rebuild. To house and feed 1 person for a day is around $14, and for a week it’s $100. Any amount will help in supplying a roof over a persons head and food in their stomachs. Any amount will help and the need is great.

We will also be looking for ways to help in recovery and rebuilding efforts. Sisak has become home away from home for many of us and for those of us who have traveled there, the Croatian people steal your heart. Please help us ease minds, heal hearts and provide some stability in a desperate time of need. The pictures of the devastation horrible and I hate to even post, but you can go on line and find plenty. I leave you with this picture taken at HiS HOUSE just after one of the biggest quakes(6.4) felt.

To give on line you can go to https://hisprint.churchcenter.com/…/croatia-earthquake-reco… We will direct these funds to our HiS PRINT Croatia Ministry and get the supplies necessary and provide the much needed support.

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can help! God bless and remember Jesus loves you and so do I and God is still in control.

He Did It!  Let's Do It!  He Did It!  Let's Do It!  He Did It!  Let's Do It! 


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