Awareness of Our Vision

Expressing our vision brings awareness to the resources needed to accomplish the mission God has called us into. HiS Print’s vision & mission shows you the direction God has given us, and we invite you to consider the opportunities to become involved if God places that calling on your heart. 

First and most importantly, we are inviting you to PRAY. If in response to prayer, God asks you to invest your resources: your energy to serve, your prayers to sustain us or your finances to enable us in the mission God has called us to, then we would be blessed to have you walk with us.  

For 17 years HiS Print has been a global ministry focused on overseas missions, Loving People Where They Are and Loving Them Until They Ask Why, through sports camps, business workshops, building projects and community outreach throughout The Balkans, mainly in Croatia. We have also been blessed with helping those in need through shipping donated sports equipment around the world. (71 tons to 44 countries). That will remain a huge part of our ministry, but in 2019, through God’s intervention, we expanded into local missions. Through the precious gift of a 10-acre piece of land in Alvin, what we’ve prayed and planned for these past 10 years has now become a reality. We have always stressed that missions is a lifestyle and not a time frame. We don’t go on 2 week or 10-day mission trips, we take MiLO’s, “My Mission Learning Opportunity” to learn while on missions to seek opportunities to serve 6 feet away what we learned while serving 6,000 miles away. This piece of property brings that full circle, and HiS Place is being developed into our local ministry home. 

We feel God’s hand in leading us to finish HiS Place, developing our vision into a reality to Love People Where They Are, right here in our own backyard as well as continue our global outreach.  If God calls you to support financially, we will use it to continue our global outreach through overseas missions, help with shipping equipment and to complete our construction of making this property of weeds in Alvin Texas into a field of dreams and to be developed into a place of faith; sharing God’s love with everyone who visits. We know God has His army of supporters, from prayer warriors – to animal caregivers – to electricians & plumbers – to global team members on overseas missions – to financial supporters, surrounding us to help complete His plan. 

Currently, through the gifts of past finances, labor as well as much needed resources from individuals, we have completed the excavation of the property; dug an acre pond, created a level surface for a future sports field, prayer hill and walk, built a porch (Pa’use Porch), constructed pastures, enclosures and stables for animals.One of the first necessities in the next steps is to build a ministry home, God’s Garage, a large warehouse (10,000 sf) where we can store the thousands and thousands of pounds of donated sporting equipment to properly clean, inventory, pack, stack and ship to destinations around the world, as well as complete the sports field and build a small chapel. Our current monthly need for 2024 is $13,000 to continue the overseas missions, equipment shipping, salaries and monthly maintenance at HiS Place. Now that we have received bids to complete the buildout of HiS Place the estimated total is $500,000.  

We ask you to pray for God’s direction on whether to help support us in completing His vision for HiS Print globally and now locally. We have been blessed to host events, worship nights, Bible Studies, parties and people who come out to break away and just sit on His porch – Pa’use Porch – enjoying a peaceful time with the Lord. HiS Place has become home and refuge for many animals from 80-pound tortoises to 800-pound longhorns and many animals in between. Many have been rescued and restored back to health and it’s neat to see God use HiS Place in this way. It’s also amazing the healing and restoration that comes in ourselves through interacting with God’s creation. There is something soothing when you hold a rabbit or feed a peacock; therapeutic when you pet a sheep or walk a mini horse around on a lead. So come on out and see what the Lord has done. We will have a chair waiting for you. Who knows God may call you to join us on one of our yearly missions overseas. If he lays it on your heart to support, thank you. 

Thank you for the blessing of your time and prayers. 


David Moss 
President of HiS Print Ministries 

He did it!  Let's do it! 

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