In 2014 HiS PRINT Ministries transitioned from the concept of short term mission trips (one or two weeks) to viewing missions as a lifestyle. A HiS PRINT Mission Learning Opportunity (“MLO”) is designed to train team members on Missions to take advantage of the Learning Opportunities to love people year around; to love people 6,000 miles away as well as 6 miles or 6 feet away.  

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In 2016 HiS PRINT Ministries transitioned from the concept of short term mission trips (one or two weeks) to viewing missions as a lifestyle. A HiS PRINT Mission Learning Opportunity (“MLO”) is designed to train team members on Missions to take advantage of the Learning Opportunities to love people year around; to love people 6,000 miles away as well as 6 miles or 6 feet away.  

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Croatia at a glance:

The coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia

Practical information

You will need to keep your passport with you at all times. For safety reasons, HiS Print would like to have a copy of your passport on file, so please make a copy and send to and Debbie, It is also a good idea to leave a copy at home for your family. 

Internet and Wi-Fi are widely available in Croatia, with good coverage in the majority of urban areas. According to Statista, the average mobile internet access speed is approximately 65,79 Mbps, while the average fixed internet connection speed is approximately 46.76 Mbps. Most towns have free Wi-Fi hotspot areas in various locations throughout the city, such as town centres, parks, and public transportation.

The majority of tourist businesses also provide free wi-fi, usually through secure networks that require a password to access. Wi-Fi codes are normally available on menus, receipts, and hotel/apartment directories, but if they aren’t, you can still ask a waiter or a host. The three main network providers with fast broadband speed and good signal are T-Mobile, A1 (ex VIP) and Telemach (ex Tele2). People from other EU countries can enjoy no roaming charges, while other nationals should get a Croatian SIM card to minimize their costs.

Croatia is one of the safest nations in Europe, with lower crime rates and less pickpocketing than most other European countries. However, general “common sense” responsible behaviour is often recommended while travelling or living in Croatia.

American dollars cannot be used to make purchases in Croatia. Exchanging dollars to Croatia Kuna is required for making purchases. There are several banks in Sisak that can accommodate currency exchanges but plan ahead. Bank hours fluctuate as do currency exchange rates. Sometimes, other methods of payment are accepted such as Visa or Master Card.

ATM machines are available in Sisak. Be sure to bring the PIN number. If using a credit card, call your credit card company in advance and let them know you will be traveling to Europe and that you will be using your credit card there. Funds may not be available if you do not make arrangements prior to traveling.

Discover card and personal checks are NOT accepted in Europe.

European electrical current is 220v/50Hz, unlike US electrical current at 110v/60Hz. All appliances designed for 220v, like a computer, can be used in Croatia but an adapter for the plug socket is required. This usually comes with a conversion kit. Smaller appliances such as hair dryers, electric shavers, etc. may need to have a voltage adapter to work properly. These are inexpensive and can be purchased at Wal Mart.

Croatia is 6 hours ahead of New York, 7 hours ahead of Texas, 8 hours ahead of Colorado and 9 hours ahead of California. Daylight savings time is observed.

The metric system is used for measurements as is Celsius for temperature.

HiS House does have internet service but it is slow, and patience will be required. Several places throughout the house, the internet is not available.

Some cell phones have an international plan but you should check on that prior to traveling. Make sure you understand all fees before using this method to call home. 

If you would like to send post cards or mail home, it usually takes 7 – 10 days. There is a post office in Sisak. Postage can be purchased there. There are several places that you can purchase post cards. Plan ahead, you may get home before your post card does.

There are many shops in Sisak. On Saturdays, there is an open air market. There is a large “Wal Mart” type store called Inter Spar that sells just about anything you might need. If you need anything please let someone at the House know and we will arrange to buy or take you. 
If time allows, the MLO team usually plans a trip to the Capital, Zagreb, to take in the sights, learn about the culture and do some shopping. 
Sisak is located on the same parallel as Detroit and has much of the same type of weather. Cool nights most of the year, hot days in summer, cool days in fall and spring and cold days in winter. Snow does fall and rain is present in spring and fall. Humidity is lower than those in Texas are used to, but can get high during the summer.

You will want to bring clothes for all weather. Make sure to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt. Jeans or long shorts are acceptable. Please dress responsible and remember we are there to represent Jesus and not make a fashion statement or draw attention to yourself. Jeans or casual slacks and a polo type shirt or one of our mission shirts are acceptable for church. A set of Work clothes is always good to have handy, in case God opens the door to help those in need.

Remember to bring comfortable shoes suitable for walking.

If you have any questions about attire, please feel free to ask.

It is customary to eat a light breakfast, a big lunch, and a light dinner. We will usually eat lunch at HiS House as a team. In the evenings you may be invited to someones home to visit and have a meal. This is encouraged to develop relationships, but please let the team leader know of your plans and arrangements can be made. If you have any special diet needs, those items can be purchased in Croatia.

In the summer, one of our team activities is to go get ice cream. You will not want to miss this and once you taste it, you will never forget it! Coffee is a staple in the country, so if you are a coffee coinsurer you will not be disappointed.

As a team, we will plan to have devotions every morning, prior to eating breakfast. The time will be announced in the evening and will also be on the information board in the cafe. Sometimes we have to adjust those times to evening before bed, so please be flexible and ready to participate. Please plan to join us for these team building times and be on time. We often invite locals to come and join us for this time of fellowship as well.
In the evening, it is not unusual for some singing and guitar playing to break out, as well as some game time in the upper room or on the porches.

When you enter a home, it is customary to remove your shoes. They may offer house shoes for you to wear so your feet don’t get cold.

Alcohol in moderation is acceptable in the Christian culture there. You may be offered an alcoholic drink; you may decline if you do not want it. (Watch out for the homemade clear stuff, it will kill you or cure all your ills)

Be flexible. The schedule will change. Just go with the flow and it will be less stress for you. Time is not as important to their culture as it is to ours. Remember, we are building bridges through our relationships and we are not trying to bring our culture to them.

If you don’t understand something, please don’t hesitate to ask. It will not be offensive to anyone.

Remember to bring all prescription medications with you In your carry-on. Prescriptions should be in labeled, pharmacy bottle.

Laundry facilities are available at HiS House, however, we don’t want to overload the septic by doing laundry every day. We will make announcements when laundry will be available and someone will be in charge of washing it and putting it in the dryer and taking it out, but you will be responsible to come and pick up and take to your room.

We will be doing a lot of walking. Please bring appropriate shoes.

Practical information



Emergency telephone number
in Croatia
(equivalent to 911)


(EMS, police and fire services)

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